Champions League Preview: Tottenham Hotspur vs Juventus


 Tottenham Hotspur vs Juventus Live Stream: have obviously played a lot of games in the Champions League over Max Allegri’s tenure as the club’s manager. Seeing as they’ve made two of the last three grand finals in Europe’s premier club competition, that’s not too difficult to figure out.

A good number of those have ended with Hotspur vs Juventus moving onto the next round — be it in insanely-stressful fashion or just pure 90 minutes of hell in the second leg. (You notice how there’s no “easy” included in this because that just doesn’t go with Juve on the European stage.)

And what do you know? Juve are facing a must-win kind of scenario in the Champions League once again.

How To Watch Tottenham Hotspur vs Juventus Live Stream?

After watching Juventus go from being up 2-0 after all of nine minutes to completely falling apart three weeks in Turin, we now get to see if the six-time defending Italian champions’ European campaign will live to see another round. Entering Wembley Stadium tied 2-2 on aggregate, it’s win-or-go-home time for Max Allegri and Juventus. (Technically speaking, they’re going to be going home regardless of the result, but you know what I mean when I pull out all the fancy sports jargon from time to time.)

We’ve seen the good that watch Tottenham vs Juventuscan live stream do against Spurs. But we’ve also seen the bad that Juventus had happen to them against Spurs. The bad completely outweighs the good. It’s about 80 minutes of bad, 10 minutes of good. Don’t believe me? Well, you can go back and look at when things turned after Juve went up 2-0 and we were already thinking about how good things were.

Instead, now it’s 2-2 and we’re wondering if that’s is the last Champions League game Spurs vs Juventus will be competing in come next September.

Yet, as we sit here stressing about what could happen and/or could go wrong, Gianluigi Buffon had this to say about the second leg against Tottenham at his pre-match press conference on Tuesday:

Buffon being confident is good because Buffon speaks from the heart and sole. So if Gigi is confident that this is not going to be Juventus vs Spurs live stream final Champions League game of the season, then I guess we should be confident, too. In ‘Gigi We Trust,’ right?

Juventus vs Spurs has a chance to make the Champions League quarterfinals.


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